I want to help the company that
continues to expand into the world stage.

Sumet Surajit

  • E&H Precision(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Technician
  • ウッタラディット技術専門学校 出身
  • Joined in June 2009



I joined E&H Precision because I thought I would be able to utilize my experiences so far as a technician and because I wanted to work at a company with better conditions.
At E&H Precision, I am in charge of “CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathe processing” and “milling processing” by operating equipment installed in the factory and numerical control of computer.
Maintenance of equipment and tools is essential in being able to continually produce high-quality products according to plan.
If we were to continue using equipment that is passed its service life, it would cause problems in product quality and time losses.
It is very important to replace equipment and tools at appropriate times by paying close attention to their service lives and to respond in the event of problems.

The most important thing in work is “preparation.”

In work, tiny mistakes can turn into major problems.
For example, there is a document called “Tool Layout,” which lists the tools necessary in producing products, and if we were to mistake the tool number recorded in the Tool Layout and the tool attached to a machine and we didn’t notice until after planning, we would have to start all over from scratch.
I look closely, together with the person in charge, to verify that the proper tools have been prepared. I feel that “planning” in which we communicate with each other, is very important.

I want to contribute this company which enables me to grow.

At E&H Precision, we are continually growing by installing new high-performance machines.
I feel that we are able to work easily and manufacture extremely high-quality products because everything is kept thoroughly neat and tidy.
My coworkers are also all hard-working and trustworthy, and I am very satisfied with my salary as well.

So far, at E&H Precision, I have been most deeply impressed by the new experiences and encounters I have had when accompanying to the hub in India for technical lectures as a project member.
I appreciate the company because I have been able to grow and improve my life through these experiences.

In the future, I plan to return to where my parents live in order to look after them and carry on the family business, but while I am in the company, I want to do my best to help the company develop as much as possible.

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