Joining a company where I can use my strengths

Carlos Salomón Félix Gibert

  • E&H Precision de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
  • Engineer / Interpreter
  • Guadalajara Autonomous University Mechatronic Engineering
  • Joined in 2016



I currently belong to the Technology Department in E&H Mexico.
In addition to my activities as an engineer, I am also in charge of translating documents and interpreting between Spanish, Japanese and English.
One reason that I joined E&H is because I majored in mechatronic engineering in university and studied CNC and machining, so I wanted to make use of that knowledge, and I had also become interested in machining and design because I used to work at in a Japanese company dedicated to the manufacturing of automotive wire harness.
Another reason I joined is because, since I had studied abroad in Japan for a year during university in order to study the language and experience the culture, I felt there would be opportunities for me to act as a communication bridge between Japanese people and Mexicans as an interpreter.
There are few people in Mexico who can speak both Japanese and English, so due to my experience studying abroad, I strongly desired to become an interpreter.

The sense of worth I feel in each of my jobs
as an “engineer” and as a “translator/interpreter”

In my work, I enjoy learning about machining. At E&H, I really get the feeling that, day by day, I am gradually acquiring more and more knowledge as an engineer.
I also feel a sense of worth when using my foreign language ability to communicate with staff members and translating important documents written in Japanese.
The most difficult aspect of interpreting is interpreting well enough that Mexicans and Japanese people can truly understand each other’s feelings. Deciding how to convey to others detailed nuances and the emotions behind words is very time-consuming and difficult.
I would like to continue improving my foreign language abilities so that I can more accurately interpret and translate. I have passed level 3 of the JLPT, and in the future, I want to take the “TOEFL.”

Onward toward my dreams together with coworkers who feel like family…

E&H Mexico always has a homey atmosphere in which it feels like you are together with family members.
I love the atmosphere here as all of the employees are always asking each other for advice like family members and communicating a lot.
I particularly love having fun after work eating tacos and drinking cola with everyone! Corona beer is excellent too!
My dream is to contribute to the company by improving in technology and skill, which is also a personal goal. If the company prospers, then my lifestyle will also improve.
Improving skill level requires strong willpower. I believe that I will not learn anything new if all I do is listlessly performing my daily job.
I feel that concentrating on my goals with the mindset that “daily work is a form of study” will lead to personal growth.
If you are considering joining the company, then let’s achieve our dreams together at E&H!

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