A technical occupation in which it is worthy challenging yourself

Jatin Sehgal

  • E&H Precision India private Limited.
  • Production Senior Engineer
  • Technology Manav Rachna International university
  • Joined in 2015



I am currently in charge of production technologies for motorcycle injector parts for our main customers as a senior engineer at E&H India.
One of the reasons that I choose E&H is because I wanted to work in the machining industry, which is a technical occupation in which it is worth challenging oneself.
Another reason is because, even within the machining industry, E&H is a leading company in small-parts cutting and machining, has a broad range of business, and handles multiple processes.
I had never worked for a Japanese company before, so for a while after first joining the company, I had many difficulties due to the language barrier and because I couldn’t manage multiple tasks at the same time, but thanks to support and advice from my superiors, I am now able to handle these tasks without problems.

An environment in which people can become multi-talented

In my job, I am most nervous when handling new products.
There is no previous experience or data to draw on, so unforeseen incidences occur in every process, including screening materials, tools and machines, and it is necessary to react to things on a case by case basis.
In addition, in the automotive industry, it is necessary to comply with requirements stipulated by industry standards, such as ISO/TSI16949 an IATF. However, as I had little experience in the automotive industry, I had to acquire a lot of knowledge.
There are difficult aspects to work, but I feel that, in the Production Technology Department where I belong, people are able to acquire broad knowledge and become multi-talented because we are involved in every process, including materials, galvanizing, heat treating and more, both inside and outside the company like cooperating manufacturer.

I am proud that I am able to work at E&H India

At E&H, communication is also smooth between different departments.
Before, I was tasked with creating prototype, and I received a large amount of support from other departments at that time, which enabled me to complete preparations on schedule.
In addition, E&H ceaselessly endeavors to improve working environments as well as employee skill levels and knowledge. It is also a female-friendly workplace as the company sends a bus near where employees live to pick them up and drop them off before and after work.
We also have fun together outside of working times, like dinner parties between department coworkers and so on.
The atmosphere and working environments inside the company are good, and I am proud that I am able to work at E&H India.

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