Business overview


We produce approximately 30 million pieces each month.
We provide our products for the automobile, motorcycle and electronics industries.

After our establishment in Thailand in 1996, we began production of car audio shafts and screws,
and now, we have expanded operations into machine cutting important safety-related parts such as
automobile injector parts and brake parts at locations in Thailand and India.

The small-scale metal parts we create are passed on to more than 150 clients in 14 countries around the world
where they support applications with immeasurable influence.

  • Turned parts for automotive

  • Turned parts for motorcycle

As a manufacturer of machined parts
that continually pioneers new fields

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we possess approximately 800 automatic lathes and
more than 150 secondary processing machines throughout the world, including more than 650 cam-control automatic lathes and
CNC automatic lathes located at our Thailand factory, which is the largest scale in South-East Asia.

In addition to automobile and motorcycle parts, we also manufacture precision parts from acoustics through
to home appliances, OA equipment, fishing equipment and even toys. And currently, we are also focusing on the medical and aviation fields.

We are firmly rooted in these markets as the “Wakyo” processing shop,
and we promote our businesses while aiming to be a company that is capable of contributing
to the world by steadily solving the various issues that arise
in these markets and continuing to search for new growth factors.

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